From a pub pop-up to Crouch End’s newest and oldest bike shop!

We established Butternut Bikes in May 2020 as a pop-up in Crouch End’s The Railway Tavern. 

After three weeks there, and with piles of thanks and love for the pub and people of Crouch End, Muswell Hill, Hornsey, Haringey and all around, we opened a shop around the corner on Crouch Hill. We look forward to becoming a long-term fixture of this wonderful neighbourhood.

Butternut Bikes came out of a mix of hard work, a passion for cycling, and a stroke of serendipity during the Covid-19 lockdown.

On one end of London, Gavin was working in a high street bike shop and fixing bikes around Crouch End and Hornsey. The name Butternut Bikes started as a joke, when Gavin’s girlfriend named her wifi network after her favourite vegetable. But Gav liked the alliteration – as well as the roasted vegetable (especially when sprinkled with ginger) – so it stuck. He jumped out of bed one night just to register the business name and Instagram account, and prepared to strike out on his own.

On another side of London, Tullen was working as head of mechanics at Brompton Bikes and doodling graphic designs in his down time. The name Butternut came to him when he imagined a nut (the metal kind that goes with bolts) melting like creamy, golden butter. He so loved the design – and the promise of opening his own Butternut shop one day – that he shaved his knee and prepared to draw a tattoo of the melting nut. But first he checked Instagram, and couldn’t believe it when he saw that his old cycling mate Gav had just tagged a new account, @ButternutBikes.

And so, a new partnership, independent Crouch End business and cycling community centres was born.