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Butternut Bikes are delighted to be able to offer bike fitting at our shop in Crouch End, London, with Niel Copeland of Turn Cycling

Bike Fitting in North London

Niel Copeland of Turn Cycling
Niel is an experienced ultra-cyclist, cycling coach and bike fitter.
Technology and Know-How
The right tools are only useful if you know how to use them. We use the latest bike fitting software as well as experience to make your bike work for you
Enjoyable Process for all Cyclists
As well as the 3 hour session, you will also have the opportunity for free follow up in person or on the phone to discuss how you are going
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Butternut Bikes are delighted to offer an in-depth bike fitting service with fitter, coach and ultra racer Niel Copeland of Turn Cycling, @nielcopeland

Using his years of experience, Niel will help you optimise your position for comfort and performance, ensuring that you feel at one with your bike and reduce the risk of injury. As a cycling coach, Niel can also talk you through your goals, questions and concerns around cycling, for example training for a sportive or learning to ride with cleats. 

The fitting process takes about three hours and includes the following:

• Cycling history, future goals and objectives, injuries or current fit issues

• Flexibility

• Measurement and assessment of current position

• Measuring and fitting of cleats

• Fitting of key elements – saddle, bar reach, bar drop, bar width, shifter adjustment

• Video assessment to confirm final position

• Any recommendations for further changes such as bars, seat post, cranks, etc

The fitting takes place in our backyard, so wrap up warm if it’s chilly or put some sunscreen on if it’s hot. You can also make the most of three hours with Niel to chat about all things cycling related or just listen to his stories of hallucinating during his ultra racing antics!

Fitting appointments are available Saturday and Monday at 09:45 and 13:30, and often other days by request. Please complete the following form to book an appointment, if your chosen day isn’t available, don’t worry, just fill the form out and Niel will get back to you.

Please note – Niel comes in when he has an appointment, so ensure you’ve had a confirmation from him before coming to the shop.

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Bike Fitting

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