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Gav's Big Blue Egg Day Out - 100 mile cycling route from London

What’s your name?

What’s the name of your route?
Gav’s Big Blue Egg Day Out

Link to route?
Click here for route

How far is it?

How hilly would you say the route is in UK terms (1-5)

Overall, how difficult is your route? (1-5)

What sort of route is it?
Road ride for road bikes

What sort(s) of bikes would be best for this route?
Your best road bike on a nice day. Maybe your touring bike if you’re making a day of it

Why do you like this route?
Some beautiful country lanes of Essex, I’ve ridden this one without seeing a car for 30 minutes. A great place to stop at the Blue Egg, really showcasing the beautiful and quiet lanes of the Essex countryside and the 100 parishes full of history.

Oooh, lovely. Are there any good stops along the way?
Loads. The Blue Egg itself is a very popular stop (Mark Cavendish, Ian Stannard and Alex Dowsett can be seen there pretty regularly), and you should make sure you stop for a cake and refuel at Blackmore on the way back (There’s also a supermarket next to the cafe there for some sugary treats).

Tell us a bit about yourself
“I’m Gav, I really like exploring the countryside on my bike and finding new places to go. I also appreicate a good cake stop and ideally a pub stop near the end. I’m often to be found out and about on my bike or working at Butternut Bikes”

Go on then, what’s your Instagram so we can follow you?

Anything else we should know about your route?
If you are feeling tired then there are a few options to cut this shorter or to get a train back from Dunmow, Shenfield or Bishops Stortford.

Thanks for your submission, Gav!

Strava Route
Here's a map!
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