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London Cycling Routes Database

Believe it or not, London is surrounded by lovely countryside, and some great places to go for a bike ride – all within an easy roll out of ‘town’. We’re based in North London, so we really don’t see the attraction of schlepping across town to Richmond Park or to Windsor (unless you like riding through Central London for most of your ride). Head out to Essex, Hertfordshire or the Chilterns and you can spend your ride on glorious country lanes, with almost no cars for company.

Kent and Surrey might make the headlines, but generally they are busy both with cyclists and cars (But the Kent hills do make for a good day out).

If you’re looking for a quick ride closer to home, why not try some reps of Ally Pally, Swain’s Lane, or any of the many hills around Crouch End? And yes, Regent’s Park is nearby if that’s your thing too.

Don’t be afraid of venturing out into the countryside, it’s a lot safer and nicer than Richmond Park for cycling. All you need is your phone, some money, and ideally a puncture repair setup. You’re never far from a cab or train station if you really get lost/tyred or give up on a mechanical failure.

If you’ve got a route you’d like to share, just fill out our form on the page here, and you too can be internet famous, and encourage other people to get out there and ride!

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