NEW YEAR, NEW BIKE? We can help

Were you lucky enough to find a brand spanking new bicycle under the Christmas tree? Has the bike you ordered during the first lockdown arrived just in time for the third? 

We highly recommend you bring that new ride in to us for a check – even if you’ve assembled it yourself. Why? Because that bike in a box has not yet been adapted to your body and needs. It’s not yet ready to live its best life for YOU. 

Whether your bike cost £200 or £2,000, a £45 bike check will ensure you start off safe, comfortable and equipped for the long-term. 

Choosing the right kind of bike for your needs is only part of the process (as Sustrans explains). Once assembled, it needs to be set up and adjusted to guarantee full comfort and safety – from the handlebars and saddle height, to the gear settings, to the position of and contact with pedals. Poorly assembled or adjusted bikes could cause serious back and seat pain or damage to your bike in the future. 

Getting that checked now is the best way to insure yourself against future headaches – or worse! For new bike owners and cyclists, we’ll also happily give you tips on how to take care of your bike, from cleaning to greasing the chain to checking wheels for glass shards.

So just book your check online or pop in to discuss it with us and we’ll get you pedalling smoothly and safely as soon as possible.