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Make Thi Bike Better Fer Just a Quid

‘Ey up, over at Butternut Bikes, we’re alus lookin’ fer t’ latest performance advantages, an’ we’re chuffed to bits to let thee know we’ve only gone an’ created a world first* boost for all our lovely customers’ bikes.

We’ve been graftin’ away to get t’ infrastructure sorted an’ supply’s reet in place for this new scheme, so be one o’ t’ first to get in on t’ act.

Now, as tha might already know, three o’ our staff (Gav, Alex an’ bike-fitter Niel) are from Yorkshire. They’re also happen to be t’ best at ridin’ bikes, and they do t’ most miles. Coincidence? We reckon not. So, dear customer, do tha want to benefit from what we’ve learnt? Carry on readin’…

Yorkshire Air – Wi Nowt Teken Out

As of today (01/04/2023) we are proud to announce that we are the world’s first* purveyor of Yorkshire Air! For just £1 per tyre, we will top your tyre up with the world’s finest air! We have signed an agreement with residents of Hebden Bridge to deliver regular tanks of sustainably collected, Yorkshire Moorland air, and now you too can have it inside your tyres.

Why Pump Your Bike Tyres With Yorkshire Air?

  • It’s from Yorkshire (ie better)
  • Roll around on a sense of smug superiority, knowing that other people around you have inferior (London) air in their tyres
  • Freshly Imported from Yorkshire
  • Only collected on days when the wind isn’t blowing from Lancashire
  • Makes you faster – As used by Tom Pidcock and Lizzie Deignan
  • Works on all types of bike – even electric cargo bikes
  • Suitable for use by all (even Southerners)
  • Costs about the same as half a pint o’ mild down t’club
  • Many Moor Benefits
If you wish to avail yourself of some better quality air, you can make a booking for your bike repair at our North London Workshop now, or just pop down and see us whilst tha’s walkin t’whippet.
*Outside of God’s own County, of course

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