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Got a Puncture? We'll Get Our Hands Dirty for You!

We know, there’s nothing more frustrating than when you’re out cycling, be it on a 20-minute commute to the office or on a 70km loop of the country lanes, and your tyre blows out. 

You may have a spare inner tube and know how to fix the puncture yourself. But not everyone knows how to do that, or feels secure enough to do it on the side of the road or out in the cold. And even if you do, you may not feel like getting your hands dirty – hey, we probably wouldn’t either! 

For £15, we’ll fix that puncture and fit a new tube for you – usually while you wait or pop out to get a coffee. While we take booking for bike services, we strive to always keep some time open for emergencies and punctures. For more complicated bikes the price is usually £30 (eg hub gears, electric bikes etc).

Don’t mind greasy hands? Don’t let yourself get caught out with worn tyres or no inner tubes! We also have a great range of tyres and inner tubes for sale, including Goodyear’s Eagle Sport, an entry-level road tyre for £20 (“delivers well above its price point”, according to road.cc), Eagle F1, a “high-end race and performance clincher” for £45, and Vector 4Seasons Tubeless Complete, a “surprisingly quick and subtle” tubeless tyre that’s “a step above the rest”.  

We have in the past taught puncture repair classes and intend to do so again – so stay tuned! 

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