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Haunalt Bad Ya Know - A 52km Gravel Bike Ride from London

What’s your name?

What’s the name of your route?
Hainault Bad ya know

Link to route?
Click here for route

How far is it?

How hilly would you say the route is in UK terms (1-5)

Overall, how difficult is your route? (1-5)

What sort of route is it?
Off road/Gravel/Mixed on and off road

What sort(s) of bikes would be best for this route?
Something with fairly good tread.. CX or a deep tread gravel tyre, or MTB

Why do you like this route?
has a mix of road, farmland, forest, with churning mud, and a lot quieter than Epping

Oooh, lovely. Are there any good stops along the way?
the middle of the woods, the top of the hill before getting there (in the farmland)

Tell us a bit about yourself
Im Chris and I like tinkering with bikes and inventing stuff..

Go on then, what’s your Instagram so we can follow you?

Thanks for your submission, Chris!

Map of Chris’ Route
Here's a map!
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